Can a Tear Heal Without Dog ACL Surgery?

When a dog tears his ACL ligament, veterinarians oftentimes recommend surgery as a first resort to heal the injury. However, is surgery really the one and only or best option for this problem? As a pet owner, you want the very best for your dog. ACL surgery may not be the best option. Rather than opt for dog acl surgery as a first resort, look into other options first.

Many times, surgery causes more problems than it helps and the pet ends up in more pain. That is definitely not the expectations that you have in mind for your pet. Rather than automatically assume that surgery is best, consider the use of a brace. ACL braces are available for dogs of all sizes and breeds, whether you’re the proud owner of a tiny Chihuahua or a strong and powerful Rottweiler or other breed.

There’s a plethora of advantages that exist when using a brace rather than surgery. Those benefits include:

·    Save money- Surgery is considerably expensive

·    Less risks- There’s many dangers that exist with surgery

·    Heals faster- Faster recovery is always beneficial

·    Variety of braces available- For pets of all sizes and to accommodate all budgets

Aside from using a brace, there are several additional steps that you can take that will help your dog heal after an ACL tear. Some of the steps that you should take to nurse your pet to good health include:

dog acl surgery

·    Reduce the dog’s body weight to reduce pressure on the ACL. You can do this with regular exercise and ensuring that you’re feeding him the best foods.

·    Restrict the pet’s activity

·    Therapeutic are used by many pet owners who’ve pets have endured ACL tears, and they may very well benefit your pet as well

·    Physical therapy is available for dogs once the tear begins healing. Physical therapy offers amazing benefits for pets

Surgery isn’t recommended for small dogs and can be considerably risky to others. While the veterinarian may recommend surgery for a torn ACL, do not automatically assume that it is the only option available. Utilize some of the techniques above to help your pet recover from an ACL injury and surgery may be the last thing that the pet needs.