Whoopee! Best things in Life for Free


Games are cool. Most folks, young at heart, and bored mindless on the tube, have them. But these are not cool games. You reckon your smart mobile is really clever. It’s given you a couple of ping-pong or brick crashing games to play with.

You’re not stupid, actually, you’re quite good with words, but some mobiles’ word games are utterly confusing. You’d expect more from a smart mobile device. But, hey, don’t blame the device. It’s good enough as it is and it’s only a computer, for crying out loud. But, hey, what have we here. All devices have them.

It’s called the internet, you see, and most users can use the internet for free on their smart mobile devices, so why not you too. Just imagine all the games you could play. Whoopee! Just check out all the games we can download! But – oh, no, and no curse words will be used here, because some of you reading this may still be at school.

So, you’re pretty cool with your curse words. We were just saying. Anyway, downloading games online is pretty costly stuff indeed. Who’s got the money anyhow? And you’ve got to spend a fortune on a regular basis to make any headway with your cool game. It’s no joke. But there is a way out. And you don’t even need to do any downloading. How cool is that? You go to online sites like gamerge and you get your games, as much as is on offer for, like, free.

But there’s stuff you need to do first before you can proceed apace to play your online game for free and beat the rest of the spoilt rich brats who’ve got money to burn and don’t know what it feels like to go hungry for a few hours. Now, guys don’t be nervous about this next exercise. Apart from calling yourself a regular gamer from now on, you’re going to have to get used to the idea of other guys calling you a hacker.

But then again, who’s really going to know. It’s tricky stuff, so it’s best to keep this between yourselves. Yourselves being your trusted and best of pals that the guys offering you their unique hacking tool have ask you to invite. For any mainstream games you need regular coinage, no, not the real money (no curse words please), game money, like diamonds, gems and gold and stuff. To keep on climbing the tree and going from level to level on your chosen game, you’re going to need a regular supply of these valuables. Only now, you don’t need to pay for them.

You can just use game hacks to get them, for free, of course. The guys that developed the tool recommend that you fill up your gaming piggy bank as far as possible. You need to keep that money supply going to play games, like, forever, for free.